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Outplacement Professionals


The White Hawk Group is a national outplacement company. Founded in 1996, White Hawk is dedicated to helping people identify and achieve fulfilling career goals.


Our team of  Senior Career Coaches has assisted tens of thousands of transitioning employees by delivering highly individualized, one-on-one career coaching services.


Outplacement with White Hawk can help enhance employee relations and present a positive public perception of your organization.


The White Hawk

A multi-cultural symbol of courage, strength, and clarity of vision, the Hawk soars above to find fields of greatest opportunity. An intelligent and determined hunter, the Hawk strategizes then uses instinct, skill, and tools at hand to attain its goal.

Through the ages, Hawks have been powerful symbols of protection, representing guidance and encouragement in times of challenge.


Seeing a Hawk with white feathers indicates a special milestone is on the horizon. White Hawks are thought to be messengers of hope and new beginnings, heralding good things to come.

"It is truly an art to encourage and motivate someone when they are consistently being struck down. My coach did it. She was my coach and she became my friend." - White Hawk Group Client 

“I have to say the only positive outcome (besides getting a better job) from being laid off was having my coach enter my life. Not only was she amazingly upbeat and supportive, she was also extremely friendly. I can't imagine doing her job. She does it effortlessly. My coach kept me motivated and made my résumé look amazing.” - White Hawk Group Client




Our client list has welcomed individuals, small to mid-sized organizations, and Fortune 500 firms. The served range from Hourly employees to top level executives. 

At The White Hawk Group, we understand the unique challenges individuals face in today's marketplace, and we meet candidates wherever they are in the process. Our coaches provide customized, one-to-one, white glove service to all participants and to their referring organizations. 

Why Outplacement


Studies show 56% of organizations cite the top reason for providing outplacement is to maintain positive relationships with their workforce and to protect their employer brand. Research has demonstrated that employee recruitment, unemployment benefit costs and legal costs associated with terminations decline when outplacement solutions are in place. Providing outplacement services reduces liability, enhances public perception and is the right thing to do. 



Our Senior Career Coaches are among the most seasoned, most caring, and most results-driven coaches in the industry.


Many with more than 20 years of experience, our coaches have advanced degrees, coaching certifications and participate in continual professional development. Our coaches are passionate about their jobs and the success of their clients. And it shows.



“This was my fourth career transition, with three taking place in the last seven years. I have worked with other career coaches and can say that working with my coach was the single most positive influence during this job search, she instinctively understood how to tailor her services to my needs.” - White Hawk Group Client

"I cannot articulate how meaningful it was to have my coach. I am so fortunate to have been assigned to work with her. Having her as my counsel and advocate was truly invaluable and not only is she the consummate coach due to her remarkable ability to connect, but her knowledge and astuteness places her in a class of her own. This was one of the most difficult times in my life and she was the significant source by which I was able to weather the storm.” - White Hawk Group Client

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