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Staff Meeting

Some Words of Appreciation of White Hawk Group Clients

"My Coach was an amazing partner and such a nice person to work with. After losing my job I honestly dreaded looking for another one because I felt so discouraged and embarrassed to have lost my job - even if it was due to Covid and not something I did. Working with my coach, I felt a little less uneasy after each call and more empowered with every document we would work on. I truly cannot express in words how grateful I am to her...She was a Godsend in the middle of a very difficult time. "


"My Coach was an absolute dream to work with and greatly exceeded all expectations I had."

"My White Hawk Group Coach was fantastic! His advice to focus heavily on networking helped me received a ton of job offers."

"My Coach completely changed my outlook on the job process and instilled confidence in my self while easing any stress I had."

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