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Words of Appreciation from White Hawk Group Clients

"My Coach was an amazing partner and such a nice person to work with. After losing my job I honestly dreaded looking for another one because I felt so discouraged and embarrassed to have lost my job - even if it was due to Covid and not something I did. Working with my coach, I felt a little less uneasy after each call and more empowered with every document we would work on. I truly cannot express in words how grateful I am to her... she was a godsend in the middle of a very difficult time. "

"My Coach was an absolute dream to work with and greatly exceeded all expectations I had."

"[My White Hawk Group Coach] was fantastic! His advice to focus heavily on networking helped me receive a ton of job offers."

"My Coach completely changed my outlook on the job process and instilled confidence in myself while easing any stress I had."

"My Coach was so fantastic to work with. Being unemployed was extremely difficult to go through, yet she helped me in every aspect to encourage me, coach me and best prepare me during my journey to find a job. She enhanced my résumé which showed almost immediate results in terms of the number of responses from employers expressing interest in me for the posted position. M coach is incredibly brilliant, professional, compassionate and an all-around incredible person to know. Out of such a difficult time came such a positive experience and that was working with her. Of course, she also worked with me to create customized resumes spotlighting my value, cover letters that guaranteed a response, and follow-up letters demonstrating how I would produce impactful results with 30/60/90 plans. With her coaching, I became comfortable networking and asking, “Would you mind connecting me with So and So”. This is something that I will always aim to do. It’s essential to being successful in a job or while looking for a job. My Coach was my knowledgeable partner who was in my corner to discuss what I needed to say and how to show up strong. It was like a great boost and pep talk before each meeting – I felt organized, confident."

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