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Most of our programs support clients through to goal attainment. Experience has shown this level of service to be the most effective, as it offers the highest degree of client satisfaction. Understanding that many factors go into structuring severance benefit plans, however, we also have time-limited programs (usually ten weeks). 


All service options are on a flat-fee schedule, making it more efficient to administer for the organization needing restructuring assistance. Virtual service delivery provides convenience and easy access to online tools for our clients. Remote delivery defrays costs of outplacement services and allows The White Hawk Group coaches to assist organizations and candidates anywhere in the world. 


Candidates participating in To-Goal and Time Limited programs have unlimited access to our on-demand Client Resource Center throughout the personalized coaching process and after to help with future job search needs or just to keep abreast of current market trends. This comprehensive online resource leverages the latest tools available for job search and is tailored to match our clients’ needs.

















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