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The breadth and depth of the services provided by White Hawk are embodied by a group of talented consultants who share a commitment to assisting clients understand and communicate current realities; assess strengths and potential obstacles to success; and develop and implement effective plans to achieve personal and organizational success.


All of our team members have held leadership positions in the public or private sectors. Several currently teach at the college level. Each continues to hone their coaching and training skills through continued and participation in professional associations.


The personal satisfaction that all those affiliated with White Hawk gain from their work contributes to our ability to provide the highest quality services


Please click on the coach's name for more information and to view credentials. 

Nathan was very committed as my career coach. He was a great listener and followed up with all appropriate details. He is the person to have on your side when you need a sounding board for your ideas. His communication skills are exceptional.

Dan is one of the most dedicated and genuine people with whom I have had the pleasure of knowing.  I have grown a good deal professionally from his unique developmental coaching style.  His strong character, wit and sense of humor always help others around him to keep things in perspective.

Amy was such an inspiration when I needed it. She helped me to fine tune my resume and coached me through my nerves prior to going for an interview. After our time together, I was excited about sharing my story and successes with the interviewer and actually looked forward to going! Amy is very knowledgeable about her field and is so pleasant to work with!

When my career came to an end with the same company after 15 years, I had no clue as to what I wanted to do next or even how/where to start. Everything changed i.e. the application process, the interviewing process, the technology, resume formatting, etc. Michael worked through everything with me; gave me direction and coached me. He answered my calls and emails promptly and we would discuss "how I could do better.” Michael will let you know what "he" sees as your strengths and your weaknesses, even if you don't want to particularly face the truths. And you will realize, he was right. You will receive excellent consult and service, equating to more confidence and greater value-add for you.

Bernardine was very professional and personable in her interactions with me. She made me feel comfortable expressing my concerns and reaching out to her for guidance on interviewing tips and correspondence. Bernardine was very supportive and was available when I needed her help and expertise. I would highly recommend her!


Tony is a wonderful coach and very enjoyable to work with. He listens deeply and non judgmentally, asks insightful questions, and helps people connect with what really matters to them and move forward with making it happen. He helped me grow personally during a time of transition and I recommend him highly.

I was super impressed by Megan. In our coaching session she asked the right questions to learn about me, my industry, my strengths & my goals. She introduced me to potential new career paths that align with my strengths and have growth potential for my 10-year plan. All this plus my new resume far exceeded my expectations. I feel confident and empowered for my job search and subsequent interviews!

Working with Susan was very special.  She demonstrated, at every step, her commitment to assisting me in finding new placement, and constantly came up with new ideas to expand my job search, often challenging my own thinking about what I wanted to do next, and how to implement an action plan – simply, a wonderful experience!

Sheila is quite simply “ the best “. She helped me through a long and difficult transition. Throughout it, she was my advisor, mentor and friend. I will never forget her kindness, sensitivity and expert support. Sheila was resourceful, creative and continually optimistic, even when I wasn’t. If you ever find yourself out of a job or in need of career advice, find Sheila. She’s a one of a kind, best in class pro.


Deni Doherty is an ethical and motivated business leader and consultant whose career has manifested in a variety of roles, from independent contributor to senior management. Her calling has focused primarily on creating and implementing strategies and platforms to guide new companies to success. Deni has been a contributor to The White Hawk Group’s success for two decades. She became owner and chief executive office of The White Hawk Group LLC in April 2022.

Carole’s coaching method significantly impacted my job search strategy by giving me the confidence to own the unique attributes I offer an organization. She helped drive my preparation, including customizing my resume and LinkedIn profile. The results of my work with Carole led to an exciting outcome—a timely job offer, with several options to consider.

I had the pleasure of working with Marilyn at the beginning of my job transition. Her timing couldn't have been better because her coaching and tools provided were incredibly helpful for me to lay the foundation on which I built my job search strategy. Marilyn was always easy to contact, very professional and flexible with her time. I still refer back to some of the initial information Marilyn provided me. They are great resources to hold onto throughout your career. 

Safiya provided me with excellent guidance, expertise, and feedback to develop my resume, LinkedIn, and overall career transition plan. Her strategy is holistic and she inspired the confidence I needed to network and interview effectively and, ultimately, land my new position.

Thanks for all the hand holding, tips, advice and help! It has been a rough ride and it was so good knowing you were there. I can tell you love your work, Trish; that means a lot.

Thank you so much for your input and advice on my resumes, interviews, emails, my process, etc. and for keeping me motivated and accountable. This surely would have taken a lot longer if I had done it all on my own. Really, it’s been a fantastic experience. 

Roxanne helped me, not only with my resume, job search, interview skills; I am extremely grateful for her patience, dedication, effort and understanding. Beyond her skill set and professionalism, she is also a wonderful person who is a pleasure to work with. I cannot express enough thanks for all of [her] guidance, support, and suggestions! 

Harriet is a job seeker whisperer! From our first call, she listened carefully and "got me" quickly -- the good and the "bad." She was always supportive and taught me how to think and present things in a positive way. She tightened up my messaging and greatly improved my resume and cover letter. My communication style is unique but she worked with it -- she didn't try to change me or it, she just tried to show me how to work with my own style without giving it up, but by adjusting as needed to match the audience. I am really grateful for the opportunity to work with her. The service exceeded my expectations and I'm very happy with the outcome.

I cannot recommend Jessica enough! She spent hours on the phone with me taking notes of every accomplishment, every class and certification, every professional and educational move as well as my aspirations and goals. I could tell she spent hours researching the companies I wanted to work for and how to best highlight my skills to match the jobs I wanted. The result? A resume that helped me land a very competitive position just two weeks after applying when previously I rarely heard back from anyone.

I started out feeling overwhelmed and lost when thinking about transitioning to a new career but Linda, along with her resources, has helped to make the process much more strategic and structured. Every time I have met with her I can tell that she is really listening to me and thinking about my overall goals as well as addressing any anxieties I may have around my job search. I wish I could tell everyone that needs career advice to go to her. The progress I have made in the time she has been coaching me has been priceless.

I feel so fortunate to have been assigned to such a knowledgeable, empathetic and talented Career Coach as Carol Henger. She did such a fantastic job in guiding me through a challenging transition in my life. I am very appreciative.

Anne is an outstanding coach in all aspects of career management consulting from the mechanics of resumes to the art of networking. She has a deep understanding of the marketplace and is adept at guiding clients through the search process; stepping in and out as needed and appropriate. Anne skillfully manages the balance between supporting and challenging her clients’ thinking so they keep their options open but also focus for maximum success. I highly recommend Anne.

Toni was most helpful in my transition! She was made aware of my criteria and my desire to remain in the brand. Due to the holiday season we agreed to contact one another during the first week in January. I was very impressed with the promptness and proactive approach. Toni was most empathetic. I was compelled to pass along my excellent experience with our Human Resources Director!

I met Alan during my job search and have found him to be a great sounding board. Alan listens intently to diagnose job search challenges and provide targeted feedback. He understands the current job market to help job seekers navigate social media, job boards, and most importantly how to successfully network your way into the job you want. I highly recommend him as a Career Coach.

Natasha has a remarkable ability to listen to a story of career ups and downs, ask insightful follow-up questions, and reflect back what she has heard using concise, professional and goal-focused language.  I entered our meeting with a good sense of what I wanted, but I was only able to describe it chronologically.  Natasha skillfully zeroed in on the key points buried in my stories to help me form a professional narrative that I could confidently use in networking meetings, cover letters and job interviews.

Ed was very responsive, supportive and helpful as we started from the beginning and made quick progress. With Ed's assistance, I figured out my skills and interests. He helped guide me along the way as I determined what jobs would be a good fit for me. He also was a great writer, and helped with my resume and LinkedIn profile so they appeared professional. I found the experience to be very motivating. When I started, I was very depressed and really didn't want to job search. But each time I left a session, I felt so much better and motivated to look for a job. I truly enjoyed working with Ed and got a lot out of our sessions.

Nancy was very personable and helpful. Easy to talk to and did not rush through the phone conversation. I felt more comfortable and knowledgeable after Nancy’s call. I have accepted a new job after looking three weeks. In fact I have six job offers. I approached the process like a job and never gave up and remained positive each day. 

Jane is a caring and compassionate professional who asks the probing questions in a non-threatening way. She helped me to work through a tough spot in my career at a time when I was questioning my next steps. She has the rare ability to see through the tangle of complex thought processes that can become obstacles when trying to make career decisions. 

Peter was excellent to work with! He always provided me value-added feedback and suggestions. He was a positive influence throughout my 11-month career planning and job search effort. This was a much longer-than-expected period with no significant income. I very much appreciated the support and encouragement to pursue my passions. I recently accepted a full-time position as a means to further my career goals. Now I am in control of my career; whereas before, I was letting others direct my path and somewhat define my goals.

Lauren has been a major asset for me during my job search, both as a coach as well as an excellent resume writer. She is very dependable and trustworthy. When you work with her you just know that she is always there for you and she is definitely willing to go the extra mile for her clients. I am very fortunate to have her as part of my team for advice in career transitioning and I would definitely recommend to her anyone looking for professional career advice.

Liz has a very positive outlook and she takes the time to listen and tailor the advice to the individual. Liz has provided me with some excellent objective feedback and pointers that will help me achieve my career goals.

Jean’s warm and personable approach allowed me to quickly develop a strong working relationship with her in which I was easily able to communicate my particular needs for my career.  With her extensive knowledge and experience in human resources, coaching, and career development, we were quickly able to cover her program in a way that helped me understand how to achieve my goals and prepare for my future.Through her program we built an enormously improved resume, excellent skills in networking and interviewing, and a strong executive presence that will serve me well in my professional career for many years to come.  

The support Jim gave me helped me to have confidence in my abilities during a challenging time, and to re-design my resume to get my work history communicated in the best possible package. I feel Jim partnered with me and listened to how I wanted to approach things with respect.

Everyone, no matter how successful, needs mentors that can give them clear, motivating and results-oriented feedback on their "brand" and how best to navigate the current job market. Camille has done an outstanding job, to help me document with clarity my most marketable skills as well as a targeted strategy to reach out to the people and groups that will make difference in my career.

Ruth Robbins has been my career coach for many years. Her guidance throughout my career has been invaluable. Ruth has the unusual ability to translate skills and experience into both a comprehensive CV and social media presence. She brings a breadth of industry knowledge to the table as well as an easy, pleasant manner of interacting with her clients. I have sent many of my supervisees and colleagues to her for guidance and she has never failed to impress.

I was referred to Lisè Schwartz at a time in my career when I was at a decision point. Lisè worked closely with me to help me bring my true ambition in to focus, tying my interests, experience and skills together. Her vast industry experiences proved valuable, contributing to quicker results. She was sensitive but directive and quickly re-constructed my LinkedIn profile and resume so that they fit my new objectives and presented a polished and professional profile.​

Working with Ken on my job search journey has been a rich experience of professional and personal empowerment. Ken’s dedicated approach to coaching me was both creative and insightful when brainstorming on the best presentation of my Fortune 100 sales experiences, skills and talents for upcoming interviews. He always met me where I was on my path -- rocky roads to smooth terrains -- to my optimal job. I found Ken’s technique in creating detailed visualizations of success in interviews and networking efforts to be unique in the executive coaching arena.

The time I spent with Debbie through one-on-one sessions and email exchanges was an experience I will not forget. I not only achieved my goals but learned so much in the process. I strongly recommend Debbie Sherrie. She is an effective communicator, experienced coach, a strength finder, and client advocate. She is, without exception, the best coach I’ve worked with.

In my coaching sessions with Claire, I present her with a lovely ramble of unorganized ideas and thoughts, and she, being this wordsmithing genius, offers back to me a beautiful platter of words that are succinct, well stated and organized. All of which offer me the clarity and the “next step” actions that I need to take.

Penny is a wonderful coach! Her work went far beyond supporting my job search. She helped me to pause, get to know my strengths , skills, and goals, and ensured that my pursuits were aligned with my intentions. My career coaching experience and job search were anything but linear. Even so, Penny found ways to acknowledge any perceived setbacks while keeping our focus and staying positive—and it paid off.

You not only suggest what I should change, but you give me the reasons why. The résumé you wrote has gotten me several jobs since our first meeting. Talking to you is like talking to a long-lost friend. 

As a long term employee I had not been in the job market for many years. Thank you Elena for helping me update my resume and LinkedIn profile (which I never had before.) With your guidance, and excellent suggestions I was able to find a job within two-months at a higher salary and a promotion. Thank you so much for your help! I will always be grateful to you.

What can say about Rich! I wouldn't be here without his help and guidance. He was with me every step of the way during my unemployment time. There were times when I completely lost hope in finding a job, but Rich pulled me out of that mind frame and put me right back on track. I will surely miss talking to him. I wish him much success and happy/healthy life.

I enthusiastically recommend Jeanne to be your next mentor/coach! She provided just the support I needed.Jeanne is an amazing resume writer and she will help simplify your job search so that you will be successful. She has a natural way of inspiring confidence with her proactive approach, offering support and guidance with helpful tips and knowledgeable resources. No matter what phase of job-seeking you are in, Jeanne will be energetic and will help you do whatever it takes to get the job done.


I worked with Barbara for her to provide coaching and guidance related to a career transition. During the course of several sessions working together, Barbara helped me improve and enhance my approach to conducting a successful job search. We worked on networking skills, refining my personal brand, improved messaging, and interviewing techniques. I found Barbara to be the perfect mix of advocate and instructor. She provided guidance and feedback during the process that I will be able to leverage throughout my career.

Alissa has an incredible way of helping me tap the right thoughts at the right time. She masterfully instructed me and coached me on how to write a killer resume and provided excellent ideas on improving my LinkedIn profile. Thanks to Alissa, I am more confident in my skills and talents and, with her coaching, I have realized my accomplishments to convey them brilliantly during an interview.

Grace's unique, well-defined process and strategy is second only to her passion for guiding you through the taxing reality of the ‘antiquated job hunt’… keeping you on the path to achieve your goals by executing an approach unlike anyone else. I cannot even imagine my outcome without Grace there each step of the way. 

Ms. Vazquez believes in providing the tools for the client to own the transition process. She listens carefully to what the client wants and needs, then helps them focus on the best steps to achieve their goal. (Srta. Vázquez ayuda al cliente conocer su poder en la búsqueda de empleo.)

Ed Weirauch was an awesome coach! He not only listened attentively to my back-story but offered suggestions that I had never thought of and ideas for new paths I could pursue. I just landed a lucrative sales position with great opportunities in an amazing company and couldn’t be happier!

Faith is a gifted coach and I’ve been very glad to work with her over the years. When I’m feeling stuck in reaching a goal, she listens and then skillfully asks questions that help me to come up with solutions. After a conversation with Faith, I’ve always been able to figure out how to move past obstacles and take the next steps toward my goals.

I cannot express enough the appreciation and gratitude I have for Margi Williams for the exceptional job she did with my resume, Linked In profile, networking and helping me land my dream job! I began my search for a new career after 22 years with my previous employer. Needless to say, my skills for gaining new employment were at best out of date and I was very nervous about the search. Margi was both understanding to my situation, as well as being very motivating which greatly helped me navigate through the process. I ended up securing my new job months earlier than I had anticipated and with her negotiating guidance, I was offered better compensation that my previous job as well as addition vacation days. Lastly, thanks to the networking skills she taught me, I received multiple job offers, something that continues to this day. Hands down she earns my highest recommendation.

My experience with Ruth Witty was one of the most impactful and meaningful relationships that I have encountered in my over 20 year career in hospitality. Ruth was able to provide insight, depth of knowledge, candid observations, and encouragement at a extremely challenging point of my life and career. Her approach to get to know you personally and be able to exemplify your personal characteristics into your professional career and use that to help guide your search and rebuild, was incredible. I looked forward to our conversations, and she was able to provide me tools and resources that I will use moving forward. I absolutely recommend Ruth and The White Hawk Group.

Jane was a consistent source of actionable advice, useful information and valuable resources. In addition to all of the practical support Janeprovided, even more meaningful was her ability to help me keep a balanced perspective and maintain my focus on productive efforts (as opposed to wasting time being frustrated or discouraged.) Jane's positive impact on my morale during this transitional phase of my life is something for which I will forever be grateful. Jane has truly made a positive and long-lasting difference for me.

I don’t think I’ve done a good show of letting you know how appreciative I am of your help. I feel much better about my resume, portfolio, and interview skills, among other things. I even have a LinkedIn profile! You’ve been very open, friendly and helpful. Thank you.

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